Astorino: President Biden Is Now The "Coyote-In-Chief"

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   A GOP candidate for governor in New York says President Biden knows why flights bringing illegal aliens have been landing at Westchester County in the middle of the night.

   Speaking on the WOR 710AM Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning program, Rob Astorino says, "Biden is the coyote-in-chief. He's literally flying in people in the dead of night, smuggling them into New York and elsewhere, and that's it. They are now part of our communities." Astorino added, "If it were done the legal way, I would care less."

   Astorino floated the theory that "the motivation is to show, look everybody, you can get into this country, and it's yours... you get across the border, and we will provide." He added that, in August, he saw video of illegal immigrants landing at Westchester Airport - which is voluntarily closed from midnight to six a.m. - and getting on buses for cities like New York, Danbury and Chicago. He also called the flights a public safety issue.

   White House press secretary Jen Psaki told a reporter earlier this week the flights arrived "very early in the morning"; Astorino suggested using "under cloak of darkness" instead.

   Astorino also took a shot at New York's covid vaccine mandates; he thinks they are illegal and would not issue them if he wins election next year. The city has issued a deadline of October 29th for all municipal workers to get at least a first jab or face dismissal.

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