NYPD Unveils Gaming Trucks For Youth Outreach

The NYPD’s two video game trucks were on the road all summer 2021, but on Wednesday, they were officially unveiled to the public at P.S. 323 in Brownsville, Brooklyn. It’s called the NYPD Game Truck and it allows officers and kids a chance to connect through their shared love for video games through PS5s and Xboxes and Nintendo Switches.

With escalating gun violence in New York City, the trucks create a safe space for young people and foster a relationship with law enforcement. According to 13-year-old Taliyah Spann, it’s already working. “To see the police actually come down to the schools and try and make a difference with the future generations is just amazing,” Spann said.

While it’s about having fun, NYPD Community Affairs Chief Jeffrey Maddrey says it creates opportunity. “It’s about making sure that no matter what’s going in this city whether we’re dealing with violence, we’re dealing with the vaccine, we’re dealing with other issues of social justice, school-to-prison pipeline, whatever it is we’re dealing with, we don’t forget that our young people just need a little outlet,” Maddrey said.

The trucks came as a donation from Brock Pierce. The former presidential candidate and childhood actor has been referred to as a bitcoin billionaire. “I’ve been blessed with some abundance,” Pierce said. “I’m more than happy to step in and do something. It’s a real privilege and an honor to have served this, seeing the impact it can have.”

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