Man Asks NYPD Cops Why They Aren’t Masked, Gets Removed From Subway

A commuter says he was thrown out of a NYC subway station after he asked two cops why they weren’t wearing masks. Masks are mandatory on public transportation in New York, and while the guy being thrown out was wearing a mask, the cops were clearly not.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said Wednesday he was "troubled" by a video showing two unmasked NYPD officers removing the masked commuter from a subway station this week, and he said he expects discipline for the officers involved.

"I didn't like what I saw one bit," de Blasio said in a news conference about the video. "I saw the officers not wearing their masks in the subway. That's evident, that's unacceptable. We've given this instruction a thousand times, and if you're going to be in law enforcement, you actually have to participate in following the law."

Andy Gilbert, who said he is the masked commuter shown in the video, told CNN he'd exited the train on his way to work when he saw the two officers standing on the platform.

Gilbert said he asked the officers why they weren't masked but they ignored him. When he repeated his question, Gilbert said, the male officer told him, "I can't hear you through your mask."

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