Winter Lantern Festival Returns To NYC This Holiday Season

2018 Auckland Lantern Festival

Photo: Getty Images

After last year's hiatus due to COVID-19, New York City's Winter Lantern Festival is returning with three different events located in Staten Island, Queens, and Long Island.

A Bug's Night: A Drive Through Winter Lantern Festival Adventure is headed to the Nassau County Museum of Art with a colorful bug themed drive-thru experience. The festival features 20 acres of colorful lanterns and holiday lights in the shape of flowers, bugs, animals and more. Food vendors and gift shops will be open on site. You can experience this light festival October 22 - January 9.

Another lantern festival to check out is Escape! NYC Winter Lantern Festival at Snug Harbor located on Staten Island. This display features over 1,000 lanterns shaped into figures of luminescent art. This year, visitors will be able to pick out their own lantern from the field of lights and decorate it to take home. Open from October 29 - January 9, a live DJ will keep your family entertained as you enjoy the lights, food vendors, interactive displays, and more.

Finally, at Queens County Farm Museum, check out Illuminate the Farm: NYC Winter Lantern Festival from November 25 - January 9. With the farm theme in mind, visitors can experience a beautiful display of handmade lanterns in the shape of flowers, tractors and farm animals. Food vendors will also be present here with lots of options for the whole family!

Which lantern festival do you want to check out first?

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