As Many As 45 Cats Rescued From Squalid Conditions In Long Island Home

Photo: AFP

Dozens of cats have been rescued from a home on Long Island that was the subject of neighbors' complaints for almost a year.

The Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said crews donned hazmat suits before entering the Washington Boulevard home in North Bellmore on Monday.

Inside, they spent hours rescuing 25 - 45 cats. The homeowner was also forced to leave the residence.

While the exterior of the home appeared well-kept, conditions inside were abominable, reports say, with dangerous levels of ammonia, unsafe for animals or humans.

Neighbors say the stench of the house permeated the neighborhood.

It's believed that there were at least 100 cats inside. NBC New York reports that more cats could be seen in the windows after crews left for the night.

Animal rescue teams are expected to return through the week to try and trap the remaining cats.

The Nassau District Attorney's office is investigating whether there was animal cruelty or a bad case of animal hoarding at the home. No charges are expected, however.

The town of Hempstead said in a statement that it is working to rescue and protect the cats.

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