New Jersey School Sparks Outrage After Serving Disgusting Lunch Meals

Paterson International High School is under fire for the 'disgusting' meals they are serving to their students for lunch.

Last week, photos were posted by a parent on social media showing the confusion of their lunch meals, via ABC News (see above). "God bless all the kids out there but no, especially something like that, no," one person said. Former student from the Class of 2019, Veronica Aponte, says that there has been a problem with the cafeteria meals for years. "It was just awful. Like things that were supposed to be cold, they were lukewarm -- biting into a chicken nugget you shouldn't be seeing pink or red," Aponte said.

Now Paterson Board of Education President, Kenneth Simmon is getting involved saying, "I wouldn't serve my children that." Simmon is now making changes to the district's $5 million food services program also acknowledging that 95% of the students in this district qualify for free or reduced lunch. "Many of our students this is the only meal that they get," Simmon said. "It may cost us more money, but I don't think finances is something that needs to be the key factor."

Simmon is saying they will immediately re-train the staff that prepares these meals but now they could also decide to outsource the meals to another vendor, however that would take longer. Either way a decision will be made!

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