Cat Who Escaped JFK Airport Flight Found After 18 Days

Photo: AFP

A Long Island cat who escaped a cargo carrier at JFK Airport before his flight to Italy is back in a home after being missing for over two weeks.

Ettore the cat was supposed to be on a flight to Italy last month, where his owner lives for part of the year, but somehow he escaped his carrier before it was loaded onto his flight, NBC New York reports.

Port Authority officials worked with a local animal rescue group to help find Ettore. They set up a trap and a night vision camera and eventually re-captured the fugitive feline.

"Other than a few bruises and the cat did lose three pounds after being lost for 18 days, he's in pretty good health," said John Debacker of Long Island Cat Kitten Solution.

Ettore is now in the care of his owner's girlfriend. The couple was trying to determine how to safely and successfully get him to Italy.

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