Watch: New Yorker Reacts To Aggressive Honking With Hilarious Dance Moves

Traffic in New York City has gotten back to normal. Especially with all of the major events happening in the city lately.

A normal reaction to getting honked at by traffic would be to scream, flip the person off, honk back?? However that's not what this New Yorker did! September 16th near Barclays Center on Dean Street at Carlton Avenue, a truck driver hoked when the driver in front of him didn't move right when the light turned green.

“Soon as the light turned green, the very second, I kid you not, the man started beeping his horn. And he had a loud horn, three or four blocks could hear it,” Nate Dupree (the driver ahead of the truck), told Gothamist. “He kept honking, for at least three minutes before I got out of the car, all for one millisecond of me missing the light.”

Dupree got out of his car and instead of letting the 'angry New Yorker' stereotype get in his way, he entertained the driver behind him and other with dance moves!

“I got out and I started dancing out of anger, out of straight, pure anger,” Dupree told Gothamist. “I’m so glad I got out of the car. It was a dancing moment. I wish he had gotten out and started dancing too. He stuck two thumbs up, then he didn’t look at me, he tried to ignore me.”

Watch the video above!

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