All 272 NYC Subway Stations Now Have Security Cameras

New York City On Edge As Coronavirus Spreads

Photo: Getty Images North America

The MTA has now installed security cameras at all 472 subway stations in New York City The Post reports — and transit officials believe the surveillance surge is helping drive down subway crime.

The last of the around 2,000 cameras installed by the transit authority since December 2020 at “over 200 stations” went in on Saturday at the Broadway station on the G line, the MTA said. Previously, just 200 stations had been equipped with cameras, MTA Chief Safety Officer Pat Warren said in an interview;

“These cameras are not there to watch or invade in any way on the personal experience of our riders,” Warren said. “But if you are a criminal, and we know where a crime took place, we will be able to go to those recordings, find you, and deliver that image to the police so they can investigate.”

Warren also said that the extra cameras have proven essential for NYPD in capturing subway perps.

Does this make more comfortable with being underground? 🚇

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