Top 10 Places Around The World To "Workation" From


Photo: AFP

Now that it's safe to pick up and "work from home" from anywhere around the globe since for some life is a permanent “workation” let's explore the best places to relocate to ✈️

British travel site Holidu ranked the Top 10 places around the world from where we should be working from and your US dollar salary may go a much longer way in some of these places:

1. Bangkok, Thailand

2. New Delhi, India

3. Lisbon, Portugal

4. Barcelona, Spain

5. Buenos Aires, Argentina (tie)

5. Budapest, Hungary (tie)

7. Mumbai, India

8. Istanbul, Turkey

9. Bucharest, Romania

10. Phuket, Thailand

No U.S. city cracked the top 20; Los Angeles placed highest at No. 30. Click here for the full article.

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