NJ Woman Known As "Anti-Vax Momma" Charged For Selling Fake Vax Cards


Photo: AFP

Instagram user @5starjazziii also known as @Antivaxmomma has found herself in hot water after she was charged in Manhattan on Tuesday (August 31st) with felonies in a scheme to sell fake versions of the authentic vaccination cards.

The whole situation unfolded due to tik-tok user @Tizzyent who came across her scheme and made a whole video about it on the app gaining over 60,000 likes and 400 comments.

According to prosecutors she sold around 250 cards through her service on Instagram. Not only is Clifford being charge, 13 people who bought from her have also been charged and are reported to be frontline healthcare workers.

See the tik-tok that brought the whole scheme to the forefront of prosecutors' attention below..

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