TSA Reunites Woman With Lost Diamond From Engagement Ring

A woman lost the diamond in her engagement ring at JFK airport and thanks to TSA officers, she now has it back. Amir Khan Durrani and his wife were traveling through the New York City airport to catch a honeymoon flight to Guam when she noticed the “newly purchased” stone was missing.

The couple, from Flushing, New York, had just passed through the airport’s TSA checkpoint when she saw the diamond was gone. The discovery left her “crying hysterically,” according to her husband, who also points out that TSA officers were “extremely kind and helpful” in the search for the diamond before the couple’s flight took off. Luckily, Lead TSA Officer John Killian spotted something sparkly near a checkpoint line about five hours later and it was the diamond.

When the Durranis returned from Guam, they were reunited with their precious stone and expressed their gratitude in a thank you note to the TSA. “Thank you so much to all the staff present and especially to officer John Killian. I might not ever meet you, but you had an impact on us at that moment and I will never forget it,” Durrani writes. “I wish you all the best for your efforts and honesty.”

Source: Fox News

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