'Manifest' May Not Be Cancelled After All

Photo: NBC

'Manifest' may be saved despite talk that the show has been cancelled!

There's new hope for the series that has everyone talking. It's been a month since Netflix canceled the series. After the hit show was canceled by NBC after three seasons, there were rumors that Netflix was interested in saving it. However discussions of that have seemingly died down.

Now, Manifest may actually be saved by both NBC and Netflix! Seasons 1 and 2 are hugely popular on Netflix right now and there's even a #SaveManifest campaign going online that hasn't slowed down. There has been big changes at NBC recently which may allow the network the opportunity to bring Manifest back for a season 4! Deadline, is reporting that NBC has given interest in bringing it back while Netflix has been in talks with Warner Bros. “Netflix also has resumed talks with Warner Bros. TV about a fourth season on the streamer and they have been picking up momentum.”

No one from Netflix, NBC, or Warner Bros has commented on the show's return.

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