Choking Girl Saved By Officer On Lunch Break

Dr. Henry Heimlich

Photo: The New York Post

Even when they’re off the clock, a cop’s work is never done. A police detective in Manchester, New Jersey, was on his lunch break when he rushed to save a choking girl in a restaurant.

Detective Richard Jupinka was eating at Café Napoli last week when a 10-year-old girl began choking and her uncle tried unsuccessfully to perform the Heimlich maneuver, according to police. The incident was captured on video at the restaurant that shows Jupinka rushing to help. He performed some abdominal thrusts, freeing the food and saving the girl’s life.

“Thankfully, one of our officers was in the right place at the right time,” Chief Robert Dolan said. “Had he not been there, this incident could have ended much differently.”

Source: New

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