New Jersey Woman In Fight With IRS Over If She’s Really Alive

IRS Calls For Some Employees To Return To Offices To Deal With Backlog

Photo: Getty Images North America

If a zombie were looking to feed on brains, it would likely starve when attacking the IRS. New Jersey’s own Samantha Dreissig has been battling the Internal Revenue Service for seven years now trying to convince them she’s not dead. The drama started in 2014 when she tried to file her taxes. That was the same year her mother passed away from ovarian cancer. Dreissig believes the IRS got her and her mom confused…even though their first and last names are completely different. The only time she’s had a face-to-face with anyone from the IRS was pre-COVID, when she was assured “it would be fixed.” To this point, however, it hasn’t.

Source: CBS New York

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