Man Accidentally Breaks Into Condo And Cleans It

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You wouldn’t think breaking into a stranger’s house would be a feel-good story, but this one comes with a twist. Louis Angelino III works a regular 9-to-5 job, and after hours he cleans houses for extra money and was recently asked to clean the apartment of a friend’s co-worker, Mark. He was told the key was under the mat and to let himself in. Angelino found the key under the mat, let himself in, and spent two hours cleaning the apartment…the wrong apartment.

He didn’t find out until Mark called and asked where he was; Angelino says in his TikTok video that he replied “Just sitting here playing with your cat.” Mark explained that he didn’t have a cat, and Angelino left. When a resident of the now-clean apartment came home, he reportedly called his wife immediately to tell her “Someone broke in and cleaned our house!”

Angelino is now getting requests on TikTok for what they’re calling “The South Jersey Cleaning Fairy” to drop in on their houses as well; he hopes this will be the kickstart he needs to start a cleaning business.

Source: CBS New York

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