Many Of New York’s Nursing Home Workers Aren’t Vaccinated

First Day Of In-Room Family Member Visits At Skilled Nursing Facility

Photo: Getty Images North America

Nearly a third of nursing home workers across New York City are not vaccinated for COVID-19.

The "New York Post'' reports that the 280-bed Linden Nursing Home in Brooklyn has the lowest vaccination rate, with just 33-percent of the staff rolling up their sleeves for the shot.

State Assemblyman Ron Kim says it's outrageous that so many people who work around vulnerable seniors have not been vaccinated because there's just no excuse. More than 15-thousand senior citizens in nursing homes have died from COVID during the pandemic.

A State Department of Health spokesperson slammed the homes. “The reality is some nursing homes are still failing to protect some of the most vulnerable New Yorkers.”

Source: New York Post

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