New York Restaurant Sets World Record For Most Expensive French Fries

Photo: Getty Images

A New York restaurant has been named the 'world's most expensive fries' for their $200 french fries menu item!

Guinness Records has named Manhattan restaurant Serendipity3 as the home for the world's most expensive fries. For $200 your fries ingredients include Chipperbeck potatoes, Dom Perignon Champagne, cage-free goose fat, and truffle salt. The fries are also accompanied with Mornay sauce made with Udder Cream, Black Truffle Butter, Gruyere Truffled Swiss Raclete. The plate is also presented on a Baccarat crystal Arabesque plate and bowl and sprinkled with 23K edible gold dust. Serendipity3’s Creative Director and Chef Joe Calderone and Corporate Executive Chef Frederick Schoen-Kiewert call the dish the “Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites."

This same restaurant has been acknowledged for the world's largest wedding cake and world's most expensive ice cream sundae..... But how much is too much to spend on food? Let us know in the comments!

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