Grizzly Bear Still On The Loose After Pulling A Woman From Her Tent

Photo: Getty Images

Authorities are looking for a grizzly bear two days after it killed a woman camping in Montana.

On Tuesday, 65-year-old California resident, Leah Davis Lokan was woken up by a grizzly bear pulling and dragging her out of her tent, according to the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency. Lokan was on a long-distance bike trip and stopped in the town of Ovando in Montana. She was killed on the bear's second visit to the camp site, around 3am, where she and two other cyclists were camping near the post office. Lokan was dead before her two friends could even try to fight off the 400-pound bear.

Powell County Sheriff Gavin Roselles says there is an "intensive" search for the bear. They have DNA left by the bear at the scene and are able to use it to compare to any bear they can trap. However after two days of searching for the animal they haven't found anything.

"Our best chance would be if the bear comes back and tries to get another chicken or some more food around town," Greg Lemon, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesperson said. "Our wardens, they feel like they could readily identify the bear that they saw on the (surveillance footage) and if they saw that bear at the trap and had a clear shot at it, they might choose to do that."

Lokan was a registered nurse who worked at a hospital in Chico, California.

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