NJ Butcher Creates Flat Round Hot Dogs For Barbecue Season

Photo: Digital Vision

If you are someone annoyed at having to buy both burger and hot dog buns for your barbecue, a New Jersey butcher has solved that problem for you.

Rastelli’s butcher shop has created a flat round hot dog just in time for your summer barbecues. Unlike regular franks, Rastelli’s are shaped similar to a burger so they not only fit on your burger bun, but holds condiments better and reduces the risk of choking.

The butcher says they created the flat dog, made with Black Angus Beef and Premium Pork, in response to customer demand for pre-cut dogs. “Our customers were accustomed to slicing their hot dog down the middle before grilling to increase surface area for caramelization and flavor,” they said. “So when the really busy moms and dads asked if we had any pre-sliced hot dogs, we started thinking.”

The flat dogs sell for $18 for eight three-ounce patties, and they can be ordered online and shipped.

Source: Fox News

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