Couple Kept Apart By U.S.-Canadian Border Reunite After A Year

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A couple who started dating at the start of the pandemic was kept apart for more than a year because she lives in New York and he lives in Canada. Suzanne Weingarten and Oliver Collins began their romance in March 2020 and just two weeks later, the U.S.-Canadian border was closed due to the pandemic.

The lovebirds were separated for so long because they lived on opposite sides of the border, but they were finally reunited on July 3rd, when he took a train, two buses and two planes to make it to Buffalo to see her again. Now they’re just getting used to being together in person again after their long-distance relationship.

“You’re anticipating and planning for it for so long and for it to finally happen, it was a bit of a tear-jerker,” Collins says. And Weingarten agrees. “If you’re meant to be, you’ll work it out, you’ll be together, and everything will be fine," she says. "Just try to have faith."

Source: Spectrum Local News

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