The Pettiest Reasons People Have Called 911

Pressure Cookers Left Around New York City Cause Brief Scare

Photo: Getty Images North America

To be clear, calling 911 should be only for emergency situations. Unfortunately, there are lots of people with messed up definitions of what exactly constitutes an “emergency.” Here are some of the pettiest “emergencies” operators have been hit with:

  • A “very pregnant lady” called 911 to report a restaurant for getting her order wrong and not refunding her after she “threw the food” at the employee.
  • A boy called saying his mom was hurting him “mentally and physically.” It turned out he was grounded from playing his PS4.
  • A 90-something-year-old woman wanted to know “what lamp she should put in her bedroom.”
  • A sixth grader called because his sister beat him at “Hungry Hungry Hippos.”


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