New York Woman Receives More Than 150 Packages She Didn't Order

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Jillian Cannan of Buffalo, New York has received more than 150 Amazon packages filled with mask brackets she didn't order and said she is donating the inventory to hospitals after the mistake was sorted by the company.

Cannan said the packages began arriving June 5, and she didn't realize there was anything unusual about them until she took a closer look.

"I thought my business partner had ordered something for our studio that we were waiting for on backorder," she told CNN. "So I opened them up to condense the boxes and I realized they were masked brackets."

Cannan said she and her business partner hadn't ordered any mask brackets, and she soon realized the boxes bore her address, but not her name. She said she was in frequent contact with Amazon as the packages continued to arrive in increasing numbers.

Cannan, who owns a DIY and creative studio, said she decided to use the child-size brackets to create DIY mask kits to distribute to children at local hospitals. She said Amazon agreed to donate the rest of the supplies she needs for the kits to compensate her for the inconvenience.

The adult-sized brackets will also be donated to hospitals, she said.

Source: UPI

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