White House Speaks Out As NY’s MTA Hack In April Is Revealed

The agency responsible for nearly all the public transportation in New York City is confirming it was the target of a cyberattack back on April. The good news? The MTA says the attack didn't pose any risk to employee or customer information. The agency's chief technology officer said they responded "quickly and aggressively" with fixes and patches implemented immediately.

With recent attacks against JBS and the Colonial Pipeline, the White House is facing questions as the hackers in all three attacks are suspected to be of Russian origin. Specifically: What is the Biden administration’s response going to be?

At a press conference, the White House says President Biden is planning to bring up the issue of cyber-attacks when he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin in two weeks. Later, when Mr. Biden was asked by reporters about a potential retaliation, Biden replied “We’re looking closely at that issue.”

Source: White House

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