Message In A Bottle From 1987 Found In Florida

A message in a bottle from 1987 just turned up in Marathon, Florida.

A man named Christopher Nolan found the bottle in his mother's canal in Marathon. He picked it up thinking it was just a piece of litter. “I just noticed there was a piece of paper in it, so I dug it out,” Nolan said. “I figured nobody would’ve just stuffed it. It looked like a note. It took up the whole bottle. It was rolled up in there. I figured just take it out, and it’s this cool little note.”

However, the bottle actually contained a handwritten note from someone named Zack Williams who wrote that the bottle was put in the ocean at Myrtle Beach on May 16th 1987.

The note says:

“Dear person who finds this I want you to try to return it to me my name is Zack Williams and if I’m dead by the time you try to return the [note] just keep it I put it in the ocean at Myrtle Beach SC.”

“I would love to find him, especially since it’s becoming a cool and popular story,” Nolan said. Share this with your friends to spread the word!

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