Parents Share The Embarrassing Things They Did To “Ruin” Their Kids’ Lives

Most parents have had to deal with overdramatic children who get so embarrassed by the little things their moms and dads do that they are mortified. Well, now some parents are spilling the beans on those mortifying moments. 

A recent post on the Australian Facebook page Stay at Home Mom had one parent sharing the ridiculous way they “ruined” their child’s life, and that prompted plenty of other parents to chime in. It began when the parent wrote, “So how did you manage to ruin your child's life? Me? I wore the same colored top as my teenage daughter in public. End of the world apparently!!” And it didn’t take log for others to join in. 

One parent said she ruined her kids’ life by turning off the WiFi in order to get her family’s attention, while another did so by dancing to the music played in the supermarket. One ruined her kid’s life by cutting the crusts off his sandwich and another did so by simply asking them what they wanted for breakfast. 

Other responses included:

  • “I attended assembly because she was getting an award… how embarrassing apparently.”
  • “I took my daughter home early after sports day, she said it wasn't fair that she had to stay early, and she wanted to stay at school.”
  • "I told her she had to brush her own hair yesterday. She screamed and cried and told me she couldn't do it on her own. Acted like I killed her. Then today she just brushed it without even flinching. I don't get kids man.”
  • “I told my kids to stop running around the front yard and come inside or play out the back because it's getting dark.”

Source:The Mail

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