NJ Dad’s Date With Nurse Leads To Life-Saving Surgery

A dad in New Jersey has gotten a second chance at life after a surgery to remove a brain tumor. Matt Jenkins had been ignoring the bump on the back of his head for a few years. He says he first noticed it when he hit his head after fainting and it grew from the size of a marble to a tennis ball. He even grew his hair out to hide it and he ignored advice from friends and family to get it checked.

But eventually, Jenkins listened to a woman he was dating who is a nurse. Melanie Miller felt the bump and insisted he get an MRI to find out what it was. The next day he did and that’s when doctors told him he had been ignoring a brain tumor that had started to protrude from his skull. The surgery to remove it came with risks, but Jenkins didn’t suffer any of them. The tumor was benign and he was out of the hospital four days later with a new lease on life.

Jenkins and Miller’s romance didn’t work out, but he credits her with being his saving grace. “She really was the person in my life that helped me acknowledge and realize this before it was too late,” he says. And he’s grateful for her help with what he calls “the worst, most incredible experience of my life.”

Source: NBC Philadelphia

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