Woman Faked Her Own Wedding To Get Revenge On Ex-Boyfriend

24-year-old Sarah Vilard has gone viral on TikTok for admitting that she faked her own wedding to get revenge on her ex who as she says, “was toxic and used to stalk me."

In the viral video above, Vilard says she set up a photo shoot with a dress and "groom" to really convince him of the wedding. She included photos in her TikTok video above which shows her being all lovey dovey with her new 'husband.'

"Yup I'm crazy," she cations the post which has over 600K likes. “This was back in 2019,” Vilard says. “I knew if I [didn’t] do it, I might go back with him… I thought the only way to stop this was to make him think I got married.” After posting the fake wedding photos to social media, Vilard's ex did reach out and even accused her of cheating on him with the groom since their relationship only ended three months before this.

“I deleted the wedding pictures right after he saw them and blocked him everywhere,” she says. “He stalked me and came up to my house for the next few weeks but then finally moved on and even left the country.” She continues, "“I don’t want to talk about how much I spent on the fake wedding."

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