Study: Parents Think Kids Will Be Bored Outside After 30 Minutes

A study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of Claritin stated that with kids getting out of school soon, parents will have to figure out how to entertain them for summer. A new poll shows parents think their chances of keeping kids outdoors are slim. When parents were asked how long their children could be outside without structured play or friends before getting bored, 48-percent said a half hour.

The problem, according to half was the kiddos don’t have the same imagination level as we did thanks in part to technology. The Claritin/One Poll survey parents remembered their childhood as being easier in most respects because they could just go outside and play.

About 72-percent of parents admit they don’t get outside as a family enough. Half of the parents confess they bribe the kids with TV or device time to get them outside. The painful number is over half of the parents admit they spend much more than half their family time in the house.

There’s one good thing to be said about quarantining last year. About 65-percent say they found outdoors pandemic friendly activities for the family to do. They include swimming, hiking, gardening, and sports.

Source: SWNS Digital

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