New Jersey Man Finds Out His POOP Is Worth Up To $15k Per Year

There are some things we take for granted, and one of those is what we flush, but a 72-year-old New Jersey man has discovered his poop is worth about $40 per day. Herbie Allen’s wife, Pattie, had repeated antibiotic treatments that wiped out the bacteria in her colon, and doctors decided she needed a fecal transplant to help her recover. She suggested they test Herbie, and doctors were surprised when he was found to have what they call “perfect poop.”

It’s great that he could help his wife, but is a fecal transplant what it sounds like it is? Yep. When someone’s intestinal bacteria are wiped out, one of the ways to get them going again is by taking the poop of someone they know and putting it into their colon. What’s interesting is that there aren’t many people that qualify to be a "poop donor" to all patients; only around 2-3% of people are able to do it.

That’s what makes Herbie part of a small group, and able to get top poop dollar. Super donors, as they’re called, can donate to anyone, and can make between $13k and $15k from their donations. How do you get “perfect poop?” Allen says he eats the same thing most days, including a strict no-sugar or red meat diet, and takes vitamins and supplements every day. If you take care of yourself, you could be sitting on a gold mine. Literally.

Source: Press Of Atlantic City

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