Americans Want To Spend More Time With Loved Ones Than Ever

It’s a no-brainer that the second Americans can be free of COVID restrictions, we’ll be going all out with travel and soaking in all things summer. A Remedy Dermatology Series/One Poll survey shows we’ll be enjoying a full week more than normal outside this summer.

Our family and friends will play a big part in all we do as three-quarters who were asked plan on spending more time than ever with them. Loved ones will be part of traveling to different states, at 57-percent, and getting in better shape, 53-percent.

With the extra time outside, swimming is the number one activity planned, followed close behind by walking/running, group sports, and cycling. One thing women won’t be doing? Wearing make-up. They shed that ritual during the pandemic and likely won’t pick it back up until fall.

With all of our plans being laid out, the one goal in it all, according to the poll, is to experience more normalcy than the last few years and be more active. Let’s get it!

Source: SWNS Digital

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