NY Dad, Daughter Graduate College Together With Honors

There’s a dynamic duo in the graduating class of 2021 at Buffalo State College in New York - a father and daughter who are both graduating with honors. Clarimar Galarza was a student there studying art education when her father, Cesar, decided to go back to college at 41 to earn his bachelor’s degree in social work.

Their family is from Puerto Rico and moved to the Buffalo area in 2008. Cesar was a welder who had to learn English and found his passion as a pastor, which led him to want to be a social worker. “I’m a living example that you can come late to school, you can have language barriers and if you try and you put all your effort and you really want it, that you can do it,” he says.

The dad and daughter found that being college buddies was a lot of fun and they’re both proud of each other’s accomplishments, as well as their own. They’re also both continuing their education after graduation, Cesar will be going to the University of Buffalo to pursue a graduate degree in social work and Clarimar will be earning her masters degree in education.

Source: WKBW

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