What Are Singles Looking For This Summer?

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There are mixed reports as to whether singles will be looking for a hookup or a relationship this summer now that COVID restrictions are being lifted. Well, now a new survey seeks to answer those questions. 

  • Match.com polled 2,000 of their singles for their first “Summer of Love” survey, and it certainly looks like many are looking forward to the warmer season.
  • 70% of singles say they plan to put themselves out there as much as possible this summer.
  • After the past year spent at home, 69% say they are more confident in what they are looking for when it comes to a potential mate.
  • 71% of those polled are interested in finding a serious relationship this summer, while 7% are not.
  • 65% say hookups and casual sex aren’t something they are looking for, although 35% are open to the idea.
  • That’s good news, considering 52% are concerned potential matches aren’t interested in anything serious.
  • But whether they find a relationship, or just some fun for the summer, there is one thing the majority of singles want – sex.
  • In fact, 57% of those polled say they want to have sex this summer. 

Source:Yahoo Finance

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