NY Secret Millionaire Leaves Fortune To Universities

After living frugally all her life, a woman built up a secret fortune that she left to the universities that shaped her career. Evelyn Lutz, known as “Evie,” quietly saved so she could give back to the thing that meant so much in her life: her education.

Evie grew up during the Great Depression and went on to put herself through college, first earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Rochester, then a master’s degree from the University of Colorado. She went on to earn her doctorate from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio and had a career in nursing and as a professor and college administrator.

She passed away from complications of COVID last November at age 86 and she left the majority of her estate to those schools. About $641-thousand went to establish the Dr. Evelyn M. Lutz Nursing Endowment at the University of Rochester and another $640-thousand was donated to Case Western Reserve University. And the biggest donation, just over $1.3-million, went to the University of Colorado College of Nursing.

“Her universities were very special to her,” explains Evie's second cousin and caretaker, Sue Mower. “She never married. She had no children. So actually, the universities were her life.”

Source: Fox News

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