Uber & Lyft To Give Free Rides To Vaccinations

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President Biden wants to get more people vaccinated and he’s taking steps to make sure a lack of transportation isn’t keeping people from getting theirs. He’s announced additional steps to promote vaccine accessibility to help meet his administration’s goal of 70% of adults getting at least one shot by July 4th, including free rides to vaccination sites.

As part of a new partnership with the White House, Uber and Lyft will start providing free rides to and from vaccination sites. The White House shared information on the location of about 80-thousand sites with the ride share companies and they both plan to promote the free rides in their apps.

"To ensure that transportation is less of a barrier, from May 24th through July 4th, Uber and Lyft are both going to offer everyone free rides to and from vaccination sites,” Biden said in a virtual meeting with governors. “I think that is really stepping up.”

Source: CNN

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