NY Doctor Sends Ventilators To India To Help With COVID

India is dealing with a deadly surge of COVID cases and a doctor from New York is sending supplies to help. Dr. Ash Tewari of Mount Sinai Hospital is shipping much-needed medical equipment that helped his state survive the pandemic last year. Ventilators are in high demand and 25 of them were part of his delivery, along with 100 sleep apnea machines with kits to convert them into ventilators.

"It is just like what we were dealing with last year in New York," Dr. Tewari says. "Last year, we were getting all the supplies. People were coming to help us out." Now he’s paying that forward by sending hospitals in India some of the same ventilators Mount Sinai received at the height of New York’s outbreak.

Philanthropist Anupam Kher is helping to coordinate the distribution of the supplies across India. The mission hits close to home for Tewari because he’s a COVID survivor who was born and raised in India and he recently lost a friend to COVID after he couldn’t get a ventilator. Now he hopes other hospitals in the U.S. follow his lead and send equipment to help save as many lives as possible.

Source: CBS News

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