Good Samaritans Save Over 800 Baby Turtles From Storm Drains

Some people in New Jersey who were on the lookout for creatures that needed help crossing the road stepped in to save more than 800 baby turtle hatchlings. Stockton University shared in a Facebook post that they are caring for the hundreds of hatchlings that were pulled from storm drains in Ocean City.

“In the past few weeks, Stockton University's Vivarium has welcomed 826 diamondback terrapin hatchlings that hid from the winter temperatures underground in their nest chambers,” the post explains. “These spring emergers that survived for months off of their yolk sacs were scooped out of storm drains in Ocean City, N.J.”

The good Samaritans who saved the baby turtles spotted the turtles in the storm drain and created a custom scooper from a telescopic aquarium net attached to a bamboo pole to get them out. The Vivarium’s staff plans to rehabilitate the turtles over the next year before releasing them back into the wild.

Source: People

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