Australian TikToker Woke Up With An Irish Accent After Tonsil Surgery

An Aussie TikToker woke up with an Irish accent after having tonsil surgery and the story is wild!

@angie_mcyen also known as An Gie on her Instagram, developed the condition Foreign Accent Syndrome aka FAS after having a tonsillectomy. The condition has affected 100 people since the discovery of it in 1907. Despite being from Australia and having an Australian accent, An Gie woke up from surgery with a full-blown Irish accent. FAS is a very real and mysterious neurological response to some surgeries.

According to Wikipedia, the condition we have discovered that of 112 patients with FAS, 67% were female, the age range of getting it is typically 25-49 years. Only 12.5% of the cases did the patients have exposure to the accent that they develop from the condition.

Right now An Gie is documenting herself through this wild story on TikTok!

Photo: Getty

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