Mystery Fisherman Rescues A Kid From Drowning In Lake

A mystery man is being called a hero for saving a child in a lake in upstate New York. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office reports that a 911 call came in about a 10-year-old who had fallen out of a kayak into Cossayuna Lake and his mother said he couldn’t swim.

Another child was in a separate kayak and tried to help him, according to police. Cossayuna Fire Chief Pat Donahue responded to the call and saw the boy struggling in the water right before a fisherman in a bass boat saved him and brought him to shore. Emergency personnel brought the boy to an ambulance and while EMS was treating him for hypothermia, the fisherman took off to go fish again.

Authorities are trying to identify the fisherman because the family wants to thank him. Neither of the kids in the kayaks was wearing a life preserver and Donahue took the opportunity to remind the public, “It’s very important to have a life vest when you’re out boating,” adding that kayaks aren’t toys.

Source: The Post Star

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