The Past Year Has Given Parents A Better Appreciation Of Teachers

The past year or so has certainly been a struggle for most people, and that’s especially true for parents who had to deal with their kids and virtual learning. And all that hardship has made moms and dads appreciate teachers more than ever. 

A new poll, released in conjunction with Teacher Appreciation Week, finds:

  • 82% of parents with kids in grades K through 12 say virtual learning has given them a greater appreciation of all the work teachers do.
  • 81% say teachers did the best they could over the unprecedented year.
  • But most parents think more needs to be done.
  • 84% say teachers deserve better resources and support in order to be successful at virtual teaching.
  • Overall, when it comes to virtual learning, parents do see the benefits, but they also see the downsides.
  • In fact, 60% think their children have fallen behind because of virtual learning.
  • Plus, 54% worry their kids lost out on the social aspects of learning.
  • 47% are concerned with the lack of community with other children.
  • 46% feel they're kids missed out on one-to-one interactions with their teacher. 

Source:Harris Poll

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