New York's Governor Cuomo: Accusers "Want Attention"

It might not be the best way to respond to accusations of sexual harassment and assault, but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t appear to have gotten that memo. As he sees it, says some of the women accusing him of sexual harassment "want attention."

Cuomo gave his first in-person press conference in months yesterday as his scandals continue to mount. He again denied the allegations of several women who have accused him of everything from inappropriate comments to groping. Cuomo added, "People are venial. People want attention. People are angry."

The state attorney general is looking into the harassment claims and the U.S. attorney and FBI are investigating Cuomo's handling of nursing home deaths in his state. The state AG has opened an investigation into Cuomo's use of state resources when he wrote and promoted his book about the pandemic.

Source: New York Post

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