Centenarian Celebrates Birthday With Son After Year In Quarantine

This time last year, the country was in lockdown and Sophie Gerber spent her 99th birthday isolated as she battled COVID. The New York City resident could only wave from her window to her friends and loved ones who stood on the street below with birthday signs. But she’s a survivor and she beat the virus and now she’s looking forward to celebrating her 100th.

So what does the birthday gal want to mark her century milestone? Something she hasn’t had in over a year - a hug from her son, Joe. She’s now fully vaccinated and eager for their reunion, which he surprised her with.

Joe made a special visit to see his mom ahead of her big day. They got that hug Sophie had been waiting for and shared some jokes, a dance, and some tears of joy, too. And with everything she’s experienced in her life, she has some advice for anyone feeling discouraged. “You’re going to survive,” Sophie says. “You must tell yourself that you’re going to get through this.”

Source: NBC New York

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