America’s ‘Most Beautiful’ McDonald’s Is A 19th Century Mansion

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It’s fair to say that no one expects a fancy experience when they grab fast food, but one McDonald’s in New York bucks the trend by being built in a 19th-century MANSION. It’s considered the “most beautiful” McDonald’s because of the restored architecture, including hardwood floors and a double staircase inside.

Seems a bit too fancy for a McDonald’s? Especially once you realize the corporation paid $1-MILLION for the property in 1986, and after restoration (and the addition of a drive-thru window, because while it’s a mansion, it’s also a McDonald’s) it opened for business in 1991.

You might think you’ll find fancier food inside, but you’d be wrong. A food critic stopped by and noted the food was “exactly the same,” which is kind of the point of a fast-food franchise. In 2017, they did add self-order kiosks and digital menu boards, but otherwise, the mansion looks pretty much the same as it did in the 1920s. No word on if the ice cream machine works.

Source: Fox News

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