NJ Officers Save Baby Born In Home Bathroom

A pair of New Jersey police officers saved the day for a family when their baby was born unexpectedly in their home bathroom. Sasha Jackson started feeling cramps around 2:30 in the morning and her husband, Michael, started packing for the hospital, but their newborn had other plans.

Baby Nico made his arrival quickly, before help arrived. The mom delivered his head herself, and thankfully, the dad made it into the room in time for the rest of the birth. Wood-Ridge Police officers Mike Mueller and Rob Cangialosi showed up just in time because they realized Nico was in need of medical attention. He was still blue and the officers got to work with a bulb syringe, they not only got him breathing, but they also tied off his umbilical cord with a shoelace before helping mama and baby get to the hospital.

And to top it off, the officers returned to the Jackson’s home days later with gifts for Nico and his older brother, Luca. They brought him a baby police outfit and gave Luca a toy police car and let him sit inside their real cruiser. “You couldn't wish for two better policemen to arrive," said the boys’ dad, Michael.

Source: ABC 7 NY

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