NYC Vaccination Center Is Officially Opened For Theater Workers

A new vaccination center just for the city's theater workers opened yesterday in Times Square.

In the photo above, you see Lin-Manuel Miranda and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio bumping elbows in celebration of the new vaccination center opening. Both of them were in the audience in Times Square as they opened the center to a live performance.

The vaccination center located at the corner of 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, will be available to anybody who works or worked on or off Broadway or in the theater industry and film industry. Hopefully this center will get Broadway back up and running and get those actors back on the stage. It will also help employ Broadway workers who had been laid off to come back and handle the administrative tasks!

“We want to gather again and we want to tell stories in the dark, and we cannot do that if we don’t feel safe and if you don’t feel safe,” said Miranda, “The first step in that process is getting our vaccination shots. The next steps will follow but the first steps start today with this clinic.”

“There’s a beautiful saying in the theater: ‘The show must go on,’ and here in New York City the show is going on again,” de Blasio said at the opening. “Broadway is coming back, film and television is coming back — New York City is coming back.”

Photo: Getty

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