Tiktoker Says She Found Frog In Her Cheesecake Factory Mashed Potatoes

Ever pause for a second while eating and notice something in your food? Could be an eye lash, or piece of hair... but what if it was another animal?

A user on TikTok who goes by the name @bethanybutwith2arms posted a video about finding what she believes is a baby frog in her mashed potatoes from Cheesecake Factory. In the video, which has been viewed over 3.5 million times, @bethanybutwith2arms, shows a half-eaten to-go container that contains potatoes and a black mass. “I deadass think this is a baby frog,” @bethanybutwith2arms captions the video. She can be seen poking at the mass before going to the sink to rinse it. “I would simply never consume food again,” one person commented on the viral video.

@bethanybutwith2arms later returns to TikTok to reveal she sought the help of a professor at the University of Florida. She asks him to help her dissect the “baby frog.” A day later the scientist tells @bethanybutwith2arms that he believes the mass in her potatoes is black mold.

The Cheesecake Factory said in a statement to the Daily Dot that it is “very concerned to hear of this incident” and has “been in touch with” @bethanybutwith2arms. “We take food safety and sanitation very seriously and are committed to providing a safe dining experience to all of our guests whether they dine-in or order take-out and delivery,” they added. 

Photo: Getty

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