NY Woman Raises Over $100K To Pay For Asian-Americans’ Taxi Rides


A woman in New York City has come up with a way to help after the recent hate crimes against Asian Americans across the country. Maddy Park was commuting on a train and realized she was terrified that someone would attack her or say a racial slur to her. And while she can afford to take a taxi, she realized this isn’t an option for all Asian Americans in the city.

So Park came up with an idea to provide money for transportation for them and she got the ball rolling with $2-thousand of her own money. She started @CafeMaddyCab on Instagram to help pay for cab rides, Uber or Lyft rides for Asian American senior citizens and women. Donations started pouring in to help with the effort and within 48 hours, she had raised more than $100-thousand.

"People who are donating are people from all across the nation, across all races, ethnicities and they just sent me messages saying, listen, we really want you guys to be safe too and we're donating so that more people can take rides in the city," Park explains. "It really opened my eyes to how many people are actually supporting the Asian community in New York City."

Source: ABC News

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