Ketchup Packets Are In Short Supply Due To The Pandemic

Ketchup packages are in high demand right now!

We've gone through mask shortages, lysol wipes have also become something hard to get your hands on throughout the pandemic.... but no one ever thought we would have a shortage of ketchup packages! The suspected reasons for the shortage include more takeout deliveries and drive thru orders and not sharing bottles of ketchup for sanitary reasons. Because of the demand, prices for ketchup packets have gone up about 13% since last year Kraft-Heinz is reportedly expected to increase production of the packets by 25% this year!

Kraft Heinz, controls about 70% of the retail ketchup market and were flabbergasted when there was such a demand for the packets. Steve Cornell—Kraft Heinz's president of Enhancers, Specialty and Away from Home Business Unit says "We're busy doing everything we can."

Photo: Getty

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