Here's How You Can Visit Places From 'Schitt's Creek'

You've finished Schitt's Creek, so now what?! Well why not take a trip to where the show was actually filmed and take photos at the sites!

Sorry to break the news but Schitt's Creek isn't actually town outside of New York City in real life; the show was actually filmed in Goodwood, Ontario. However, fans can still take a trip and go to all of the places featured in the show. Rose Apothecary was filmed in Romni Goodwood, which is a wool and craft shop in Goodwood. You can also see the town hall and Bob's Garage.

Cafe Tropical was actually a private home, but you can still take a photo outside of it! You can also go to other locations of filming like where Patrick proposed to David at the Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area. That area is in Milton, Ontario about an house outside Goodwood. You can even go visit the Graydon Manor Hall, where David and Patrick were supposed to have their dream wedding!

Are you planning your next trip to Goodwood?!

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