These U.S. Airlines Are More Likely to Lose or Damage Your Bags

Losing your bags on the way to a trip or coming home from one can be the worst! Standing at the carousel waiting and waiting till you see that last bag enter only to find out it's not yours.... That feeling can be awful.

According to a report done by LuggageHero, the chances of your suitcase being mishandled in 2020 was only 0.4%, most likely due to less travelers during the pandemic, however it is important to note the list of airlines that will more likely lose your bag!

The total number of mishandled bags was 853,821 out of a total 203,324,335 that were on flights this year. According to LuggageHero, the major factor of how your luggage is handled directly correlates with the airline you take. The WORST airlines for luggage handling was American Airlines which beat last year's worst, Envoy. Their rate of mishandled bags was 0.597% in 2020 where Envoy's was 0.587%. Allegiant Air topped their list of best luggage handling with 0.15% of their bags being mishandled. Topping the list also was also Southwest and Hawaiian. In 2018, they found Delta, Spirit, and JetBlue to be the best at handling bags, according to Travel and Leisure.

Their report also discussed the best time of the year for your bags to arrive safely. January 2020 (before the pandemic hit the U.S.) was the worst with 205,040 mishandled bags. Of those bags 46,598 were from American Airlines. September had the least amount of mishandled bags.

Do you have a horror story of losing your bag after a flight? Let us know in the comments!

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